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$95,000.00 settlement for a 19-year-old woman that sustained pain in her right rib area and had multiple cuts, contusions and abrasions on her entire body when her vehicle was struck by a vehicle that failed to yield and pulled into the path of her car. She also injured her neck, lacerated her right knee and forehead. She underwent surgery to repair the avulsion fracture to her right foot.
February 1993
$40,000.00 settlement for a man that was injured in a motor vehicle collision and suffered from neck pain all around the right shoulder and left knee pain. He was diagnosed with a complete rotator cuff tear, with degenerative changes of the distal clavicle tear, requiring surgery.
April 1993
$25,000.00 settlement for a Plaintiff that was injured when several boxes of merchandise fell from the top of a display shelf, striking her on the head, neck and shoulder.
March 1994
$100,000.00 settlement on behalf of Plaintiff for the consumption of botulism-contaminated food. Plaintiff was treated for boltulism poisoning and associated complications to include motor impairment, slurred speech, blurred vision, pneumonia, liver complications, prolapse of the eye, severe mental anxiety and fear of death.
August 1995
$85,000.00 settlement for a 27-year-old woman involved in a motor vehicle collision, who suffered lower back pain, left shoulder pain, pain on the left side of her neck and an accompanying headache. As a result of these injuries, she underwent surgery.
August 1999
$27,000.00 settlement when a claimant suffered an on-the-job injury to his right shoulder while picking up a sheet of plywood at work. As a result of these injuries, he underwent surgery.
April 2000
$25,000.00 settlement arising from a slip/fall incident at a local grocery store, causing injury to her tailbone, buttocks, hips and lower spine.
April 2001
$25,000.00 settlement for a 53-year-old claimant that lost her footing while stepping out of her truck, causing her to fall down several steps, hitting her tailbone, lower back, thoracic spine and head while holding onto the hand rail.
June 2002
$25,000.00 settlement for claims arising from a slip/fall incident when the Plaintiff slipped in standing water in the produce department of a grocery store, resulting in a back injury.
August 2002
$95,000.00 settlement for a 58-year-old male that suffered from a slip/fall accident on a slippery floor at a restaurant. The incident resulted in injuries to his knee. As a result of this incident, Plaintiff underwent surgery.
September 2002
$85,000.00 settlement for a Plaintiff who initially injured his right knee while loading a wood cart. One month later, he slipped and fell on wet sawdust while carrying a 2×10 on his shoulders, injuring his neck and re-injuring his knee, calling for several surgeries.
November 2002
$40,000.00 settlement for a 57-year-old nurse involved in an on-the-job injury while assisting a patient onto a bedside commode. She suffered from injuries to her spine and underwent surgery. She further injured herself when her knee gave way and she fell.
December 2002
$25,000.00 settlement for a 74-year-old female, front seat passenger of a car that was struck by another vehicle on the front, right side. The Plaintiff suffered injuries to her right hip and ankle. She underwent surgery to have her hip reduced.
$60,000.00 settlement for the claims of a 52-year-old woman who was involved in a motor vehicle collision when another driver hit the driver’s side of her vehicle, resulting in back and cervical pain. She was accompanied by her two minor children who sustained minor injuries in the collision.
January 2003
$35,000.00 settlement for a 60-year-old woman whose vehicle was struck by a tractor trailer that failed to yield while entering the flow traffic. The collision resulted in a neck/trapezius strain, confusion, disorientation and anxiousness.
June 2003
$25,000.00 settlement for a 57-year-old female driver involved in a motor vehicle collision when someone ran a red light and hit the passenger door of her vehicle. She sustained injuries to the clavicle, chest, wrist and hand, along with neck pain.
August 2003
$75,000.00 total settlement for a 28-year-old driver that was stopped at a red light and rear-ended by a vehicle traveling at 50+mph. The Plaintiff suffered severe pain in the shoulder, cervical and lumbar region.
December 2003 and March 2004
$70,000.00 settlement in an employment/sexual discrimination case.
March 2008
$50,000.00 settlement in an employment/sexual discrimination case.
March 2008
$68,000.00 settlement for the claims of female who suffered an injury while using a metal ladder at the pool. The ladder broke, and a piece of metal pierced her leg, causing a deep incision.
April 2004
$50,000.00 settlement for injuries sustained by a 45-year-old motorcycle rider that impacted the passenger door of a pickup. The Plaintiff suffered injuries to the shoulder, both knees, tibia, ankles and ribs.
May 2004
$99,500.00 settlement after a claimant injured his rotator cuff getting in and out of a forklift. He then injured his back while picking up bags from the floor after a pallet broke.
June 2004
$25,000.00 settlement on the claims of a 48-year-old woman who suffered injuries to her back, neck and hand after she was involved in a motor vehicle collision in which the SUV she was driving was struck on the passenger side after the at-fault driver disregarded the traffic light and failed to yield the right-of-way.
October 2004
$50,000.00 settlement for a 53-year-old claimant involved in a work-related incident when the golf cart she was riding in took a sudden turn, injuring her shoulder. She suffered a rotator cuff tear and underwent surgery.
December 2004
$25,000.00 settlement for a motor vehicle collision involving a 41-year-old woman who was injured after being struck by a reckless driver who fell asleep at the wheel, resulting in cervical pain and upper back pain.
August 2007
$400,000.00 settlement for an 18-wheeler (log truck) collision involving a 66-year-old truck driver who suffered an injury to his head, face, mouth, neck, chest, abdomen and legs.
January 2008
$25,000.00 settlement for a 36-year-old female who suffered trauma to her cervical and thoracic spine associated with strain when her vehicle was struck by a driver who failed to yield to the right of way of on-coming traffic and attempted to make a left turn into a private drive.
January 2008
$30,000.00 settlement for an Employment/Sexual Discrimination Case.
March 2008
$75,000.00settlement for an Employment/Sexual Discrimination Case.
March 2008
$50,000.00 settlement for a 69-year-old female that suffered from a slip/fall accident due to excessive water accumulation on the floor at a hospital. Plaintiff suffered from an injury to her elbow, contusion and bruising of the left knee, as well as other related injuries.
September 2008
$25,000.00 settlement for a 57-year-old female who sustained a work related injury when she missed a step and fell, landing on her knees. She also suffered an injury to her lower back.
November 2008
$42,500.00 settlement for a 30-year-old guest passenger of a vehicle that was rear-ended. The Plaintiff suffered injuries to his neck, shoulder, arm and back.
January 2010
$45,000.00 settlement for a claimant who suffered a work-related injury to her wrist while removing and cutting tags, and a work-related injury to her back while putting boxes on an assembly line.
November 2010
$175,000.00 settlement for a 59-year-old claimant who fell while he was working for a fencing company, putting up a carport. When he fell, he landed on some metal and sustained multiple injuries. He suffered from injury to his ribs and back.
January 2009
$150,000.00 settlement in a case involving the dispensing of the wrong amount of prescription medication by a local pharmacy, causing injuries and damages to the Plaintiff, leading to surgical complications.
December 2010
$45,000.00 settlement for injuries sustained by 37-year-old male while going down a water slide. He sustained severe facial injuries to his nose and mouth, including the loss of two teeth.
March 2011
Confidential seven-figure settlement for a 48-year-old female that suffered from an on-the-job injury. According to defense counsel, at the time of settlement, this was the largest workers’ compensation settlement statewide, nationally and globally for this large corporation.
August 2011
$250,000.00 settlement on the claims of a 23-year-old woman and her two children after an SUV was driven into her home, killing her 3-month-old child, and putting her and her 2-year-old child in the hospital. The mother suffered from multiple abrasions and hematoma to her forehead. The 2-year-old child suffered from multiple abrasions and a laceration over the posterior scalp.
October 2012
$200,000.00 settlement on the claims of a 29-year-old woman, her fiancée, and their three children, ages 10-years-old, 6-years-old and 1-year-old, who were hit by a drunk driver. The mother suffered from minor injuries to her neck. The father suffered from abdominal pain and multiple contusions. The 10-year-old suffered from contusion of the face and abrasions to her leg. The 6-year-old suffered from severe shock, internal bleeding, a ruptured spleen, closed head injury, facial fractures and lung injuries.
September 2013
$150,000.00 settlement on the claims of a 42-year-old man who suffered from an on-the-job injury when a backhoe carrying large rocks dropped the rocks onto him, pinning him to the side of a ditch. He was diagnosed with injuries to his chest, multiple facial fractures, multiple rib fractures, a lacerated forehead, blood in his ears, spine fractures, a lacerated liver, along with multiple other injuries.
March 2015
$25,000.00 settlement for a breach of contract.
February 2015
Confidential settlement of the wrongful death claim of a mother and father who lost their 16 year-old son in the Spring of 2009 while he was participating in football practice in Cook County. Their son was hit during a play, went into Commotio Cordis, and passed away as a result of insufficient treatment by the coaches and the emergency medical services personnel.
December 2015

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