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What protects Georgia drivers from those without insurance?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Uncategorized

Every driver in Georgia should maintain appropriate insurance coverage on their personal vehicles. Transportation companies typically have even higher insurance obligations on their big commercial vehicles. As a result of legal mandates concerning insurance coverage, those who travel on Georgia roads generally expect that if they are involved in a crash, their finances will not be impacted by this turn of events to any great extent.

Yet, some people who are affected by motor vehicle collisions in Georgia realize, after the fact, that the driver who caused the wreck does not have the appropriate insurance as required by state law. Under these circumstances, they may wonder whether anything can potentially protect them financially if the party who is at fault for their crash doesn’t carry mandatory insurance coverage.

Uninsured motorist protection

Every adult has to weigh their personal risk of a crash with the ongoing expense of insurance. For many people, the biggest concern is keeping their costs as low as possible. However, minimal insurance coverage put someone at risk of insufficient protection from personal liability and a lack of coverage entirely after a crash caused by someone without liability insurance.

Many drivers choose to complement their basic liability coverage with supplemental uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. If there is a crash and the driver at fault for the wreck cannot provide appropriate coverage, drivers will have the option of making a claim against their own policies.

Personal injury lawsuits

A pedestrian knocked down by a distracted driver, someone T-boned at an intersection when they had the right of way and even motorcycle riders injured by those in four-wheeled vehicles can potentially pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

Both negligence and violations of traffic law can lead to personal injury lawsuits after a car crash. There won’t be any caps that apply to the compensation available through a lawsuit, which can make civil claims beneficial in cases involving catastrophic losses. In cases where family members lose a loved one in a collision, a wrongful death lawsuit could be possible as a means of recouping the massive losses the family will suffer because of the tragedy.

People who drive without insurance gamble not just with their own financial stability but with other people’s futures as well. Those who have been affected by a dangerous, uninsured motorist have rights. Demanding compensation after a crash that was caused by someone without insurance can be an effective way to hold an at-fault party responsible for negligently, recklessly or intentionally causing harm.