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Former Client, undated

“Thank you Nick and your associates for everything. Thank you for helping me move on and close this chapter of my life. Thank you for your hard work and patience. I’m grateful to have you all impact my life for the better. Happy New Year and may you all continue to make a difference in the live you come across.”

Former Client– December 2022

“Wonderful people. they were very understanding and compassionate to my situation. I would definitely recommend them ..”

Former Client, dated August 7, 2022

“Top notch professionalism & representation. I have used Nick and his team on a few cases now all with favorable outcomes. Go with experience, go with the Bajalia team for your legal needs.”

Former Client, dated May 27, 2022

“First and foremost I want to say that Nick, Monique, and Josh have to be the most wonderful, pleasant, and honest people I have met in a very long time thank you guys so much for that. This is a literal dream team. They are so passionate at what they do and it doesn’t get any better than that. I loved how they put their all into my case and also taught me a lot of things along the way. They have become family. Thank you guys so much for all your help, truly god sent.”

Colleague Recommendation, dated April 6, 2022

“…I wanted to immediately pass along my recommendation for an excellent Lowndes County criminal defense counsel – Nick Bajalia… I first worked with Nick extensively on a difficult case that he associated me on some time ago. Very bright, doggedly hard-working and persistent, and highly ethical trial attorney (and, incidentally, he is just a prince of a person).”

Former Client, dated February 18, 2022

Jealously Protected Client’s Interests

“Nick did a fantastic job representing my extended family member and was able to even get the unnecessary charges dismissed – OUTSTANDING! Thank you Nick for the great work, communication and going above and beyond to defend your client!”

Former Client, Fall 2021

“I am so very grateful you took the time to help! The two of you are truly special people.”

Potential Client, dated May 1, 2021

“I consulted with Mr. Bajalia and he was extremely polite and helpful when I talked to him about my current case. His fees are pretty high but he is going to prepare your case for trial no matter what so you would be getting what you pay for at the end of the road. I unfortunately did not have that amount of money to pay upfront, but he was still very helpful on giving me advice and even giving me recommendations on what options I could do and even told me he would be keeping me in his prayers about my case.”

Former Client, dated October 10, 2020

“Awesome Person and Attorney – Nick is a true professional and a very skilled attorney. When I hired Nick, I knew that he was one of, if not the, best lawyers in the area but I was surprised to see how down-to-earth that he was. Nick lives by the saying that “in order to be a good professional, you must first be a good person”. This is reflected in everything that Nick does, from the first time a person, like myself, walks through his door to the conclusion of the case. Even though he is a great attorney, I would easily have to say that he is an even better person.”

Former Client, dated October 10, 2020

“Nick is an awesome attorney! Unlike many lawyers, Nick truly cares about his clients as individuals. Nick’s knowledge of the law and level of preparedness and planning is second to none. Throughout the entire process, Nick stayed in contact with me about the progression of my case and carefully explained anything that I did not understand.”

Former Client, dated October 10, 2020

“Mr. Bajalia’s attention to detail, mastery of the code and procedures and rapid response to time sensitive realities literally saved my case despite the negative influence of other attorneys involved. I will certainly request Mr. Bajalia again!”

Former Client, dated approx. 2020

“Mr. Bajalia performed at an extraordinary level from the beginning and throughout, devoting lavish time, effort, attention to detail, conscientious dedication and rigorous mastery of all relevant dynamics – unbelievably helpful!”

Former Client, dated December 30, 2019

“Mr Bajalia was exactly what he said he would be in are first meeting, hard working, would communicate with me through every step of the way, and I will say “ he is a man of his word. This was a very new and scary time for me because my wife and I had never been through anything like this, he was kind, and very thoughtful of a simple mans knowledge of the law. We are extremely please with the way are case was handled and gladly send are friends and family to Mr Nick”

Former Client Review, dated November 1, 2019

“Thanks for all the hard work, dedication. I feel you went to the end for me”

Client review dated October 28, 2019

“Mr. Bajalia (Nick) – I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me! Your support & generosity will not soon be forgotten. You’re not only a trusted mentor and colleague, but most importantly, a friend! God Bless”

Former Client, dated August 16, 2019

“I was in desperate need of a lawyer for my son, I wasn’t from GA, it was late Friday afternoon a friend referred me to Bajalia law firm I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect I was pleasantly surprised when I met Mr Nick he treated me like family his experience and genuineness calmed my fears. He was always available to answer questions day or night our case was settled early and I even received a refund check as a single mom that meant a lot. For a good lawyer who cares pick Nick.”

Former Client, dated June 2019

“With our deepest appreciation we hereby commend Mr. Nick Bajalia for your passion, unconditional commitment, enduring dedication and tremendous support that led to our successful outcome.”

Former Client, dated 2019 

“Mr. Bajalia! A truly amazing lawyer is hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget. We feel like y’all are family. Thanks for everything.”

“Mr. Bajalia, I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for everything you have done for me. They say we always meet a few people we will never forget, and you sir are one of them. I want you to know that I consider you family and I am honored to have met you, even under circumstances. I could not have asked for a more loyal friend to get me through this process. I can assure you that your staff and yourself will never be forgotten.”

Former Client, dated approx. 2019

“Nick and his entire staff are everything that a true law firm should model themselves after. Everyone was very professional and treated me with the utmost integrity. Nick and Jill were very easy to reach with questions and always took their time to thoroughly explain the options available to me. I would recommend this law firm to anyone looking for a firm that will treat you with respect, put your family first and not look at you like just a profit.”

Former Client, dated approx. 2019

“I went to Mr Bajalia’s firm after firing my another attorney. I walked into his office with files that were a mess. Michelle at the front desk immediately gave me appointment and asked I leave the files do Mr Bajalia could look them over. I showed up to my appointment and was pleasantly surprised each of the papers in the file were neatly placed in organized piles!! I had 2 cases with the attorney I fired and he left a mess. Mr Bajalia sat with me for 3 hrs explaining each and every case the problems and what options I had. I was very impressed with him he spoke in plain language that I could understand. My first impression was a professional, hard working honest person. As I was leaving I asked what did I owe he said nothing . He gave me a business card and said for me to call anytime 24 hrs a day if I need anything. This man is a true hero.”

Former Client, dated approx. 2019

“Nick did a wonderful job representing me in my court case. We hired him on short notice, so he was busy and had other big cases he was in the middle of, but he made me feel just as important as those. Answered any questions I had and even visited me on a Sunday. He was very thorough and on top of things. He did a great job. I appreciate everything he has done for me. If it wasn’t for Nick I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Former Client, dated approx. 2019

“When I needed an attorney, I felt it a daunting task. Finding an attorney that I was comfortable with and who I believe would have my best interest in mind was challenging. I was very fortunate to have found the perfect attorney when I met with Nick Bajalia and his staff. They have a genuine caring and understanding of the circumstances of their potential clients and those they represent. Mr. Bajalia’s broad knowlege, extensive experience and connections in the legal community extend well beyond the local area. He was able to assist me in gaining the best legal counsel I could have hoped for. Being treated more like family than just a client has given me the confidence and assurance that my legal needs are in good hands. I strongly recommend Nick Bajalia as being among the finest example of what the legal profession has to offer.”

Former Client, dated February 16, 2019

“Mr. Bajalia, I like to thank u and your firm for helping my husband out on his situation. Mr. Bajalia I like to take th time out to thank you personally. For keeping my husband home throughout this ordeal. You r a blessing to my family.”

Former Client, dated January 19, 2019

“I hired Mr. Bajalia as a criminal attorney for my son, he was very efficient, professional, and honest. Mr. Bajalia is very credible and works very hard toward the best outcome for everyone.”

Former Client, dated 2018

“Nick was most helpful and very empathetic to our situation. It was great to have him in our corner!”

Former Client, dated 2018

“Nick Bajalia is the most professional, kind, hardworking lawyer with the most integrity I have ever met. He did an outstanding job on my will, and I would trust him completely with any legal work I ever need done in the future.”

Former Client, dated 2018

“I had the honor of having Mr. Bajalia represent me whenever I had a minor collision three years ago. Aside from being a dear family friend, I was totally satisfied with the outcome of my incident. Mr. Bajalia is honest, dedicated to the law profession, and has integrity in everything he does. Furthermore, his staff are easy to contact, and they too are just as helpful as Mr. Bajalia. Unlike some law firms, all documents are read by him before leaving the firm. Lastly, my favorite part of Mr. Bajalia is that his word is his bond, and his firm works diligently for all clients, whatever the circumstances.”

Former Client, dated November 2, 2018

“Thanks for all of your hard work you put into resolving issues not only for [me] but for all of the clients that come to you for help. My friend you are truly a great man.”

Former Client, dated October 30, 2018

“We were meant to get you. I mean I’m overwhelmed with you two right now. I thank you and enjoyed the hospitality, generosity, consistency and just a man of integrity.”

Colleague Review, dated September 24, 2018

“I recently met Nick M. Bajalia, Sr., who mediated a divorce case for one of my clients. Mr. Bajalia was very well prepared for the mediation, in that he was familiar with the facts of the case, and was well versed on the issues and applicable law. What really impressed me even more was his professionalism and diplomacy. These are vanishing skills in today’s world of expediency and profit margins, but Mr. Bajalia was the quintessential professional and diplomat who brought a refreshing level of civility and honor to the mediation. He is an experienced and seasoned lawyer who knows how to communicate thoughts and ideas effectively in order to achieve the best results. I would recommend his legal services to anyone looking for a good lawyer with a great personality, and who has the knowledge, experience and skills to achieve the best results for clients.”

Former Client, dated February 16, 2019

“I went to Nick Bajalia after I fired my last attorney. When I called his office a wonderful lady named Michelle answered. She was warm, understanding and extremely friendly. I explained my situation and I got an appointment immediately. Mr Bajalia was honest & informative. He explained my options and made suggestions on my cases. He offered any help I needed to resolve my cases. Mr Bajalia stated he is available 24 hrs a day just call. I would recommend him to anyone that needs helps”

Former Client, dated August 4, 2018

“After 40 years of searching for a life insurance policy that I bought years ago, I decided to hire Mr. Bajalia for help. Within 2 weeks, Mr. Bajalia and his staff located my missing policy. It turns out my policy had been sold to multiple companies over the years and was found in the new company’s “dead files.” Mr. Bajalia and his team were very helpful and courteous in resolving my case. His staff are very polite and will answer whatever questions you might have. Furthermore, Mr. Bajalia is one of the most knowledgeable attorneys in town, and his word is his bond. I will definitely hire Mr. Bajalia again without hesitation.”

Former Client, dated July 24, 2018

“Nick and his entire staff are everything that a true law firm should model themselves after. Everyone was very professional and treated me with the utmost integrity. Nick and Jill were very easy to reach with questions and always took their time to thoroughly explain the options available to me. I would recommend this law firm to anyone looking for a firm that will treat you with respect, put your family first and not look at you like just a profit.”

Former Client, dated July 18, 2018

“Nick Bajalia and his firm are very compassionate individuals. They strive daily to do their job and do it very well. I met with Nick Bajalia and, after the consultation, I knew that he was a lawyer that takes a professional approach to a case. I was honored to have Nick Bajalia and his firm to represent me during my custody case. Nick Bajalia and his firm always provided detailed information throughout the entire case. If I had any questions, they were always answered in a timely manner via phone or email. Nick Bajalia and his firm treat their clients with the most respect and always care about their clients. Nick Bajalia and his firm are one of the elite in this profession, without a doubt.”

Former Client, dated July 18, 2018

“Nick did a wonderful job representing me in my court case. We hired him on short notice, so he was busy and had other big cases he was in the middle of, but he made me feel just as important as those. Answered any questions I had and even visited me on a Sunday. He was very thorough and on top of things. He did a great job. I appreciate everything he has done for me. If it wasn’t for Nick I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Former Client, dated May 22, 2018

“Works hard & is extremely knowledgeable – Nick was hired by me for a custody modification case. I had been in an out of court with the mother of my child fighting for parenting rights since the child was born. The mother had tried to take parenting rights away from me any chance she could get. Nick helped change our parenting plan to not only get what I was hoping for, he also helped get more. Nick and his staff are very attentive to detail, knowledgeable about law, and are dedicated. He is also quite honest and will give his expert advise to help, rather than just tell you what you want to hear. Overall, hiring him was one of the best decisions and I would be happy to recommend him to others.”

Former Client, dated April 8, 2018

“Good man, worked hard on my case”

Former Client, dated February 5, 2018

“He’s a good lawyer! This is an excellent office. In my case, Nick did a good job in representing my interests. Nick did an excellent job in preparing my case. He did not look at me as an easy payday. I was looked at for the person that I am. Nick always kept me informed. He was there for me as a friend, and he did not hold anything back. He told me all of the good and all of the bad. I was confident in following advice that I received from Nick. If I ever need a lawyer again, or if I know anyone that needs a lawyer, I will definitely call Nick. This is a great law firm!”

Former Client, dated January 11, 2018

“Mr. Bajalia and his firm were very professional and helped me in my case. We were able to resolve my lawsuit and I am very happy with the results.”

Former Client, dated November 30, 2017

“A+ Lawyer – I hired Nick to represent me in a Felony Criminal case. Nick and his legal team worked thousands of hours on my case. Nicks research team gathered hundreds case laws backing our case as well as put together a mock jury panel to see what potential jurors felt about our case. Basically, Nicks law firm is a well-oiled machine that will use every available asset there is to assist you. Nick took on a huge case that looked very bad on the news after the DA lied about the facts to the people. Everyone knows that DA’s, Lawyers and Judges all know each other and are to some extent friends. Nick never held back, friends or not he threw punch after punch exposing the DA of her incompetence and unethical charges. Nick outsmarted and outclassed the DA when he showed up in one of the pretrial hearings with what looked like half a library of case law and motions. After reading Nicks motions and knowing the facts the Judge scolded the DA in open court and told her “either you can make all this go away, or I will”. The next day all charges were dropped. Many Lawyers wouldn’t have gone as far and ruffled feathers like he did. Nick didn’t care about his future dealings with the DA, all he cared about was me and proving I was innocent. Nicks wife also spent countless hours comforting my wife through this whole situation, not sure how my wife would have made it without her. Nick, his wife and his legal team actually cared about us, we weren’t just a client to them. I would defiantly consider them all friends for life. You won’t find a better lawyer.”

Former Client, dated November 30, 2017

“In the “Nick” of time! I knew my first meeting with Mr. Bajalia that I had come to the right person. He noticed immediately that time limitations were running out. If I were to have a case, work had to be started immediately. Thankfully, Mr. Bajalia and his staff worked quickly and I did not fall prey to deadlines. Very satisfied with outcome of the case.”

Former Client, dated November 27, 2017

“An attorney with lots of heart. Mr. Bajalia recently helped me with a family legal matter. I contacted his office needing help rather quickly. Nick returned my call and listened to my situation and concerns. He explained everything to me in great detail all the while putting everything into terms that were easily understood. He was very empathetic to my situation, which made me feel very comfortable sharing details. I am most appreciative.”

Former Client, dated November 27, 2017

“Criminal Defense Nick, is one of a kind attorney. Extremely thorough! Nick and his team always go the extra mile to be prepared for any and every possible outcome while in the courtroom. His team kept me in the loop on court proceedings, terminology, and the next steps that needed to be taken. I highly recommend the Bajala Law Firm.”

Former Client, dated November 24, 2017

“I contacted Mr. Bajalia needing some quick assistance for a family legal matter. His staff assisted me and I heard from Mr. Bajalia later that same day. He explained our options thoroughly and to our understanding. Not only did he help to solve our issue, but he was also very empathetic to the situation.”

Former Client, received in August, 2017

“As you handled my case…, I rarely if ever felt as if I missed a single detail…. For that, I am truly grateful…It has been a very long two years for my daughter and me.  Thank you all for your continued dedication over the years to make this right.  I pray that I never have to spend another penny on legal advice.  But, if I do, Bajalia Law Firm will be my first call.”

Former Client, dated May 26, 2017

“Mr. Bajalia wrote up my will in the very best way. He is professional, kind, and hardworking.”

Former Client, dated May 24, 2017

“Nick was an amazing lawyer for my family. We were seeking legal guardianship of of a minor and Nick helped us through the process quickly and efficiency. He was dealing with other cases at the same time, but we felt like a priority.”

Former Client, dated May 24, 2017

“Nick Bajalia was great to work with and quick to respond to our needs. We have a family emergency that required us to deal with legal guardianship of a minor very quickly. Nick invested his time and resources into our situation and was kind and compassionate throughout the process.”

Former Client, dated March 22, 2017

“When my son was arrested, my wife and I were very worried. I called Mr. Bajalia office and We got and appointment right away. After a lengthy conversation, I realized that my son was in good hands. Mr. Bajalia was a blessing that came from God at the right time. He resolved my son’s problem in a short period of time. He is a very experienced, and very qualify professional. I recommend him highly. I’m glad to have a law professional of that magnitude close by. Thank you very much, Mr. Bajalia”

Former Client, dated December 9, 2016

“Mr. Bajalia is a knowledgeable, skilled, and thorough attorney and I am grateful to him for his handling of a family member’s case. He is compassionate, honest, and respectful of his clients and went above and beyond in our case. I have complete confidence in his abilities to get the best outcome possible. I would highly recommend Mr. Bajalia and if I ever need an attorney again, I will not hesitate to reach out to him.”

Former Client, dated 2018

“Best choice I ever made! Professional, caring, honest Attorney!”

Former Client, dated December 23, 2016

“My daughter was arrested in two separate incidents. Her father and I hired Nick Bajalia to represent her. Mr. Bajalia spent a lot of time with us all to explain the situation and what we could expect. It became apparent to me during our initial consultation that he is highly skilled and knowledgeable, and his sincere respect and concern for my daughter and our family shone through as well. My confidence has only solidified as I have seen Mr. Bajalia go above and beyond for us, which is very different from past personal experience i have had with other attorneys. I feel totally confident that Mr. Bajalia will get the best outcome possible for my daughter. One case has already been dismissed and I am very satisfied with how Mr. Bajalia continues to handle the other case and keeps our family informed. I highly recommend Mr. Bajalia and his firm and will most definitely retain him again if needed.”

Former Client, dated December 9, 2016

“If I could, I’d give Nick Bajalia 6 stars. He has exceedingly high quality work and genuine care. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I read and scrutinize a variety of contracts and legal documents on a weekly basis. Having read and reviewed real prenuptial agreements and templates prior to engaging Nick Bajalia in the same task, I found Bajalia’s quality was so far superior, it was like night and day. I am simply so very impressed. In my opinion, the quality of work that Nick puts out is far superior than the typical lawyer in its comprehensiveness (well-strategized, no holes, and covers the non-obvious), organization, and readability (It’s easier to read and understand the entire document without wanting to shoot yourself). Nick is also highly personable and I get the sense that he genuinely cares. More uniquely, he was able to shape his services to accommodate my individual and unique situation. The end result as far less template-like than my prior experiences, and it seemed as if entire swaths of the document were written based on our phone conversations. So, while I certainly hope to avoid needing legal services, I know that when I need them, I am in good hands with Nick Bajalia.”

Former Client, dated December 8, 2016

“Mr. Bajalia is a very knowledgeable, honest attorney who gave his absolute best to represent my daughter. He not only knows what he is doing, but he cares very much about his clients. You can be sure that within his ability, you will get the very best outcome possible with your case. I would highly recommend Mr. Bajalia and believe he has one of the very top practices in our town.”

Former Client, dated December 8, 2016

“Mr. Bajalia is a very hardworking, ethical, and trustworthy attorney. He gives his full undivided attention to his clients and works his hardest to make sure each client has a satisfactory experience with his law firm. I, myself am very pleased with the work he has done thus far on my cases.”

Former Client, dated December 7, 2016

“Over the years I have been fortunate to have had Bajalia Law Firm as my legal counsel for a variety of issues. It doesn’t matter whether it is domestic, criminal, or any number of other type issues that should arise, Nick Bajalia is the Attorney I seek and would send any of my family or friends to see. I know I can rely on Nick Bajalia to advise me and help me consider my options. Nick started out as my Lawyer and has since become my most valued friend.”

Former Client, dated December 5, 2016

“Nick Bajalia has to be one of the most thorough people that I have ever come across. He is the type of attorney who will never leave a stone unturned. He also showed me that attorneys do not have to put their integrity in jeopardy to be successful. I feel just like part of the family every time I walk through the doors.”

Former Client, dated October 27, 2016

“I was involved in a traffic accident in 2016, and I received a ticket for it. Mr. Bajalia worked his magic, and I only received a small fine and no points on my license. This has saved me so much money on my car insurance! Mr. Bajalia’s staff is also amazing and professional, and always kept me updated on my case throughout the whole process.”

Former Client, dated May 28, 2016

“My son got into trouble while he was in Valdosta for school and my husband and I were lost not knowing what to do. We were 6 hours away and didn’t know anyone in Valdosta. Mr. Bajalia was an answer to our prayers. He was very knowledgeable and caring, as was his staff. We were treated with respect and he made sure we understood everything that was going on in laymen’s terms and got us the best resolution for our son. We would definitely recommend Mr. Bajalia.”

Former Client, dated March 18, 2016

“We owe you so much. Thank you for keeping [my son] safe and representing us…Thank you for everything and [my son] and I are forever in your debt.”

Former Client, dated July 22, 2015

“Professional and caring Attorney. Amazing staff. Simply the best!”

Former Client, dated July 23, 2015

“Mr. Bajalia handled my case with professionalism and a caring attitude. His staff is amazing as well. Mr. Bajalia demands excellence from himself and his entire team. He cares about his clients. He is simply the best!”

Former Client, dated July 22, 2015 

“Bajalia is that very rare combination of a professional attorney that truly cares about the well being of his clients. He demands excellence from himself and his entire staff. I am honored to have him represent my interests.”

Former Client, dated June 27, 2015

“My particular case was handled very thoroughly with great satisfaction. The professional mannerism of the entire firm has won me over for any further assistance I may need. By far the best law firm in South Georgia. The staff kept me up to speed of any changes involving my case and never hesitated to answer any questions that I may have had during the process. I would recommend Mr. Bajalia’s services again and again!”

Former Client, dated June 5, 2015

“Bajalia Law Firm, P.C. is by far the best law firm in Valdosta! Not for a moment did I feel pressured or uncomfortable around Mr. Bajalia and his staff! He is very polite and I immediately felt comfortable telling his everything related to my case. Unlike many lawyers, Mr. Bajalia tells you the honest truth about your case and never gives his clients “fluff” like so many other lawyers do. If Mr. Bajalia sees future problems with your case, he tells you without hesitation because he does not want to disappoint his clients later into the case. Nonetheless, search no further and choose Bajalia Law Firm, P.C.!!!!!”

Former Client, dated June 1, 2015

“Thank you guys for all that you have done on this case! I really appreciate it and am very happy with the outcome…”

Former Client, dated May 7, 2015 

“….Thank you for helping me during one of the hardest times of my life. You’re a fantastic lawyer.”

Former Client, dated December 30, 2014

“Good service. Very thorough. Showed a lot of concern.”

Former Client, dated December 29, 2014

“I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Bajalia. We are a small business, and Mr. Bajalia has handled several cases for us over the years. He is always professional and courteous. He is very knowledgeable and explains all aspects of a case thoroughly so we understand all our options. He and his staff are a pleasure to work with.”

Former Client, dated December 26, 2014

“Atty Bajalia’s service is superior. He genuinely values his clients and has a passion for helping others. Not only does he go above and beyond to meet his client’s needs, but he takes his time to educate them about their situation. He is competent, empathetic, reliable, and responsive. I highly recommend Mr. Bajalia! My family and I have trusted all of our legal needs to Mr. Bajalia for many years.”

Former Client, dated December 21, 2014

“Mr. Bajalia went above and beyond his job to assure the safety and well being of my son. He was extremely detailed and prepared throughout the process. His professionalism and adherence to detail makes him outshine all the rest. If you want to win your case then choose Nick Bajalia.”

Former Client, dated December 20, 2014

“Nick Bajalia is by far the best Lawyer ever. He fought to keep my son safe form his violent father. His professionalism and knowledge of the law ranks high. He stands in the gap with his clients and out shines all the other Lawyers in his preparedness for trial. A man you always want in your corner.”

Former Client, dated June 26, 2014 at 3:33pm

“Thank you so much for all you have done to help Joshua…Thanks from both of us.  You made a difference in this world.”

Former Client, 2014

“Thank you for your steadfastness to see us through, compassion to understand, wisdom to overcome, most especially, for standing tall as our protector, the giant who confronted our bully when we could not.”

Former Client

“Mr. Bajalia, thank you for your time and compassion. It means the world to my family that you genuinely care about Adonijah. Just want you to know how much you are appreciated!”

Former Client, dated April 25, 2014

“Mr. Bajalia, I just want to say thank you for your advice and support and kind words at the consultation last Friday. In this day and time, it has become rare to find people who care and seem genuinely concerned about my situation. Even though you can’t represent me, thank you for the referral to an awesome attorney in Atlanta. Keep up the good work. God Bless You!”

Former Client, dated April 25, 2014

“Mr. Bajalia went above and beyond to make certain that he provided my husband with the best defense possible. He stayed in constant contact with my children and I throughout the entire case. We are a family of 8 and during this entire ordeal Mr. Bajalia was and excellent support system for our family, he made our family feel safe while we went through my husbands trial. Mr. Bajalia proved to be an excellent attorney for our family and we will forever be in his debt. Thank you Mr. Bajalia.”

Former Client, dated April 22, 2014

“It is with great honor and gratitude that I share my experience and recommendation for Mr. Nick Bajalia and his staff. My 18 year old son is a first year student at VSU and like many his age, he forgot about his moral, ethical, and Christian upbringing. It seems obvious to most that he is a “good kid”; he’s handsome, manurable and presents himself respectfully. Since this was his first time away from Mom and Dad, he tested his freedom and experienced what partying was like. He drank alcohol for the first time and began to drink often. He continued this self destructive path and did not fulfill his scholastic responsibilities (i.e. he flunked his first semester). He was caught and given a citation for underage drinking (minor in possession). Even after going to court, being put on probation, fined, and being ordered community service he continued to make one poor decision after another… “his brain fell out of his head”. He was a mess. By the time we (his parents) found out about any of it, he was calling from a jail cell. Our “shining star” of a son had been snatched out of class and taken to jail for violating a probation sentence that we had no prior knowledge of. To say that we were heartbroken is an understatement. We knew no one in the area, had no clue what to do and no one to call. I believe that it was divine intervention that led us to calling Mr. Bajalia. His response to my call was prompt and attentive. He listened carefully to all of the details that I knew and immediately made calls to gather more information to have a complete understanding of what had been happening with my son. He then quickly arranged a probation bond and secured my son’s release the next morning. Mr. Bajalia then accepted the time consuming task of working with my “strong-willed” (stubborn) son. He was relentless in getting to the truth. Even in his most straightforward and firm conversations with my son, he demonstrated compassion. He went above and beyond by taking the time to know that there was a change in my son. He could see that my son had great potential and a bright future as long as he got his act together. Mr. Bajalia was determined and would not quit until he had fulfilled his part in helping to “save a young life”. We later went to court and Mr. Bajalia used the truth to persuade the judge which resulted in my son not having to go back to jail. This is a man of great influence not only because he cares, but also because of his wisdom, experience, and impeccable character. He even worked with my son after court to ensure that his community service and probation was scheduled and completed. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting him and his staff, you will know what I mean when I say that in a world full of people who compromise their values and just don’t care about you; these people can restore your faith in humanity. I am not over exaggerating when I say that the members of Bajalia law firm make you feel like family. Through the use of his phenomenal analogies and personal experiences, he gave illustrations that poured valuable life lessons into my son. As I listened to him teach from the heart in a way that only experience will allow, I was in awe. I learned too. I appreciated every second with him and his staff and gleaned all that I could absorb. If he is willing to accept your case, know that you cannot go wrong with Mr. Bajalia. His practice is not just about a case and his clients are not just a paycheck. He gives a damn and his actions prove it. I am so humbled, thankful and impressed that I highly recommend Mr. Bajalia with NO reservation.”

Former Client, dated 4-3-2014

“Nick, thank you so much for helping the Oneal family. Keep being the caring compassionate concerned man that you are and God will continue to bless you. Love you my friend.”

Former Client, dated June 2, 2013

“Mr. Bajalia helped turn my life around! Right before I turned 21 I got into some trouble at the local bars. I unfortunately was very immature at the time and did not make the best of decisions. Mr. Bajalia conversed with me for several hours when I met him to help me understand the impact my incident had on my life. He would not take me on as a client until he was confident I wanted to change and wanted to do it for not only me but everyone around me. Mr. Bajalia does his best to make sure his clients are fully committed before taking them on. This is because he spends so much time and hard work on his cases that he needs to know his clients are “on board” so no one’s time is wasted. During our conversations Mr. Bajalia was very personal and honest. In fact I had dinner with him and his wife after we had success in court. I would recommend Mr. Bajalia to anyone who needs a honest, faithful, and hardworking lawyer. He will do his best and use all his resources to fight for your case!”

Former Client, dated June 1, 2013

“As a non-custodial father the odds were stacked against me by design. Working to remain a part of my children’s life became virtually impossible thanks to an ambivalent Georgia Family Court system, a vindictive ex-wife and the Gestapo-like authority of the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services. I was accused of child abuse against my own children. My ex-wife sought to sever my parental involvement with our children while demanding increased monthly child support payments. In the beginning I foolishly believed that the Georgia legal system and DFCS would treat both sides fairly. The cold reality is that both are designed to drive a wedge between children and parents. I approached many Valdosta attorneys but was consistently advised to ‘…give up…’ and admit to the false charges because ‘…the kids would get over it. The Bajalia Law Firm jumped into the middle of an out of control legal circus. Step by step they waged an aggressive defense of my case. After seven years of smoke and mirrors by the plaintiff Nick was ultimately successful in exposing the charges for what they were — lies told by an angry mother. Along the way Nick has become a trusted friend who understands that non-custodial parents face an uphill battle when dealing with the Georgia court system. I didn’t always agree with what Nick advised but a yes-man isn’t an attorney, they’re an expense. Nick, the Firm and his family have helped my children and myself begin to rebuild our relationship and I’m proud to say my oldest child now lives with me thanks to Nick’s steadfast commitment to promoting and preserving a healthy parent-child relationship.”

Former Client, dated May 28, 2013

“Thank you soooo much for everything you have ALREADY done & plan to do for my little brother, Omari. Words can never begin to express my/our level of gratitude. You are truly Heaven Sent! I am wishing God’s abundant blessings to be continuously showered upon you and your family, because you truly deserve it! Talk to you soon…& again, THANK YOU for everything!”

Former Client, dated March 2, 2013

“Wrongful Death of My Dearly Departed Spouse (Civil Actions – July 2012) – Mr. Nick Bajalia represented me and my family (3 children) in the utmost professional and dignified way possible during the wrongful death of my spouse. This tragic legal case was caused by a driver while under the influence (DWI). Mr. Bajalia ensured my children and I were fully educated on the application of applicable laws and crucial decisions we had to make jointly. There were no “surprises for as legal actions and fees.” He constantly kept me informed not only on the civil action status, but the criminal as well. Mr. Bajalia…“goes the extra-mile” when we met…his legal counseling was very thorough which ensured there were no unanswered questions. He is very knowledgeable in legal statues for GA and FL. Additionally, he spent an exceptional amount of added time on the legal matters at-hand and in ascertaining status of the personal welling-being of my family and I (after-hours and on weekends). Hence, one of his many legal and personal philosophies is to “assist his clients to be better-off than before and after they entered his firm.” His legal practice and passionate pursuit of “justice for all” is evident in his flexibility to assist and make special arrangements and appointments with him and his staff for my family and I after hours and on weekends to accommodate our work & personal schedules. I can’t truly express in words…the not “Excellent,” but “Outstanding” legal representation and personal concerns of Mr. Bajalia throughout his legal representation. Some clients may suggest that Mr. Bajalia firm’s legal fees are somewhat high…however; “you get what you pay for!” Mr. Bajalia’s legal counsel is straight forward and demanding in acquiring timely results that are legal (solid) and most advantageous for his clients! I have hired and worked with several attorneys and staff members in the State of GA and FL on various legal issues…Mr. Nick Bajalia and his staff are the BEST!!! I highly recommend him!!!”

Former Client, dated March 2, 2013

“Nick was my lawyer for my difficult case, from the beginning he care about me and he told me he would fight on my defense until the end, and he did. We won the case, the charges were drop and he spoke for me and I’m very happy that I choose him to represent me. If you need a real lawyer that knows the law, care about people, communicates with you and fight on your behave, get Nick Bajalia, he is the best Lawyer in Georgia!!”

Former Client, dated February 24, 2013

“I first met Nick Bajalia back in 2006, I was being charged with a number contempt of court charges. Following that I found myself needing his services again in a Divorce case. So for about 3 Years I found myself relying on “Nick” to get me though these legal nightmares. Nick and his staff are a true credit to their profession. As my Lawyer I found Attorney Bajalia is extraordinary well versed in the law as you would expect with a Lawyer of his caliber. Well Worth EVERY penny he charges and more. As my Legal counsel he Actually counseled me, as well as helped me Evaluate my options and Advised in those matters while always leaving the final choice being mine. On a more Personal note Nick has demonstrated all that legal system would like to be, He is a shining example of a true friend when you need one the most. There is no doubt in my mind that should I find myself in need of Legal counsel / an Attorney. Nick Bajalia will be who I call. I realize that there will be some legal issues the Nick won’t handle. However it is Nick I will trust to point me in the right direction.”

Former Client, dated February 22, 2013

“My case was complex and very long, not due to Mr. Bajalia, but due to the dirty doings of the other side. Mr. Bajalia has a strong side about him that makes you feel secure and knowledgeable. You can’t expect any person to be perfect all the time, but if you want confidence in a lawyer come see Mr. Bajalia, he will work hard for you, as he did for me.”

Former Client, dated January 17, 2012

“I was given Mr. Bajalia’s name through a lawyer in Macon, Ga. and I believe God had a hand in Mr. Bajalia coming into my life when he did. You see, I had a lawyer years ago who treated me and my daughter like another paycheck. From the very first meeting with Mr. Bajalia I could see he was going to be like no other lawyer I had ever met. Mr. Bajalia knows his stuff…he knows the law…but he gave me something no other lawyer could…a sense of comfort and loyalty to my family.”

Former Client, dated January 12, 2012

“I would like to thank Bajalia Law Firm for the great job you have done representing me with my case. I will always be grateful for all the time, effort and patience that your firm has put into my case. I know if you can’t win a case, that it can’t be won. I will refer you to everyone that I know. You are a true friend.”

Former Client, dated January 1, 2012

“Nick is fully diverse in child custody law and that gave my wife the level of reassurance to go forward and file a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend for us to relocate to another county with my wife’s daughter. During this 18 month court battle Nick was not only our attorney but became our friend and confidant. I could not have imagined any other attorney who would have taken such a personal interest in our family. He is a brilliant strategist and kept the opposing side on their heels during this lawsuit.”

Former Client, dated November 3, 2011

“I contacted Mr. Bajalia In February 2011 for assistance with a personal injury claim that I sustained while leaving a business. The recovery of this injury included several months of orthopedic and theraputic visits. Throughout this time the services performed by this firm exceeded my expectations resulting in a timely and satisfactory settlement of the claim. I am truly blessed and thankful for all the assistance provided by the employees of Bajalia Law Firm.”

Former Client, dated 06/15/2011

“I appreciate everything you and your staff have done for us.  I do believe you are a wonderful person and a terrific lawyer.  I trust you 110%.  I know you have a big heart and you want this to work out for my family. … Again Nick, [we] are so grateful to have you in our corner.”

Former Client, dated 04/26/2011

“Whatever happens…I just wanted to say thank you.  I know you are busy…well…busy isn’t the word…overloaded with cases…but I just want you to know that [we] appreciate you and all your hard work.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and souls…”

Former Client, dated 04/25/2011

“[We] truly appreciate the work that you have put into our case.  You outline our thoughts beautifully to the judge and I feel the judge feels those sentiments as well.  Thanks”

Former Client , dated 03-13-2011

“Also Nick, thank you for working so hard on this case. We love you all and are thankful every day that you are in our corner!!”

Former Client – dated 02-20-2011

“Candy and I want you to know how much we appreciate everything you have done and how strongly we believe that God led us to you.”

“Like Paul said in the beginning…we are truly blessed to have you, Monique, Pam, and your wonderful staff in our corner.  You all have fought so hard for our family.  We are thankful for you every day.”

Former Client – dated 02-17-2011

“Thank you again for changing my life.”

Former Client, dated 01-26-2011

“I know the work isn’t over yet, but I wanted to thank you for all your hard work on my case. I appreciated it, and it really has made the process so much easier for me knowing that me and my children are in good hands, with you and your staff having our best interests as priority and fighting for us to get what is fair. I feel very comfortable and up to date with my case at all times, as your staff keeps me updated very well. Any time I have an issue Amy is always there to answer any questions or concerns I may have. As a woman going through a divorce, her support for me whether I am in the office or on the phone is very comforting and much needed during those difficult times, especially since she has “been there, done that”. I appreciate the time you take with me in explaining things to me that I don’t understand. I feel that I am blessed to have been directed to you to handle my case from the start. You all have good hearts and truly care about people getting justice. That is not what I have seen in any other attorney’s office I had been to prior to you taking me on. It always feels great to have good feedback, and I wanted to let you know that I think your staff is excellent. Your realness is true and felt. I have posted on my Facebook that Bajalia Law Firm is amazing and I highly recommended you to all my Valdosta friends, and will continue to do so. I trust whatever you think we need to do to get the ball rolling. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart”

Character Reference from State Senator, dated December 14, 2009

“I first met Nicky in the 7th grade… I am proud that [Nick] is a prominent lawyer who has gangrened the support of and admiration of his peers in the field of law. It speaks well of him that his peers have so much respect for his legal abilities…  I believe [Nick] is a man of character and honesty…”

Character Reference from Reverend, dated December 8, 2009

“… I have known the Bajalia family for 40 years.  Mr. Bajalia and his family are an important part of [our] congregation. Their presence on Sundays adds a spirit of strength, dignity, and kindness that is evident to all… I totally trust the word, character, and integrity of Mr. Bajalia.  Not only is this my view, but the view of our entire congregation, and of our entire community.  I assure you that after more than 30 years of practicing Law in Valdosta, Mr. Bajalia’s reputation is pristine.”

Character Reference from Judge, dated December 1, 2009

“… I had many interactions with Nick in the representation of both criminal and civil clients. I find him to be straight forward, honest and diligent in his appearances before me. I have admired his full attention to detail and how much he cares about those he represents. He is appropriately respectful and ethical.”

Character Reference from Colleague, dated November 20 2009

“I have been practicing law for twenty-six years and. all of that has been conducted in the Southern Judicial Circuit… I have known Nick my entire legal career…  I have had the occasion to work with Nick when he was counsel or co-counsel on numerous criminal cases. In every case, without exception, Nick has always handled himself in a manner that exceeds the requirements of the Code of Ethics.  He is always up front in his dealings with me regarding the facts of his case and, in many instances, this allows matters to be worked out to the benefit of his clients.  In those cases where they cannot be worked out, he fights extremely hard and fair in protecting his client’s rights.  Nick is a very thorough and meticulous lawyer. I find that when I go to trial against him, he is thoroughly prepared and knows all of the facts of his case. No matter how hard the fight, he always exemplifies a professionalism that is a credit to our profession. Nick is a straight shooter. What he says, I can accept without reservation.  This is an attribute that is, unfortunately, becoming harder to find in our profession…  Nick Bajalia is an honest and upright attorney who is a credit to my profession.”

Character Reference from Judge, dated November 16, 2009

“I have known Mr. Bajalia for approximately thirty years. In my experience, Mr. Bajalia has always conducted himself in a professional and conscientious manner. I have found him to be an honest and ethical attorney.”

Character Reference from Colleague, dated November 16 2009

“I have known Nick Bajalia to be an excellent lawyer, a trustworthy individual, and a man of high character.  He has been willing to volunteer for worthy causes and support his profession.  My friends in the Georgia Trial Lawyers’ Association have a great respect for Nick Bajalia, value his friendship, and know him to be a man of his word.”

Character Reference from Judge, dated November 16, 2009

“I have known Nick Bajalia for all of my twenty two years of practice and in my service on the bench as a …Judge where he appeared frequently.  I have always known Nick to be conscientious, on time, and prepared when he came to court.  In my dealings with Nick as an attorney, I could always count on him to play by the rules…   He has never misled me in any fashion, never tried the one-upmanship game and, if there was a problem that needed addressing, he always has done his best to resolve it in an ethical and professional manner.  He is a consummate gentleman in every sense of the word.  He is fair beyond reproach with clients and lawyers and judges. His style is one of absolute candor with our legal system and with his clients.  Nick is a trusted member of our local bar…”

Character Reference Colleague, dated November 11 2009

“I have been personally acquainted with Mr. Bajalia for the past 30 years, and in particular since he commenced the practice of law in Valdosta in 1979.  I am intimately familiar with Mr. Bajalia, having been associated with him in various legal matters and cases beginning in the early years of his practice and continuing to the present. In all of my dealings and associations with Mr. Bajalia, I have found him to be absolutely honest, candid and forthcoming in all areas. His integrity is excellent, and he is a man of his word.  In addition to my personal dealings with Mr. Bajalia, I am also quite knowledgeable of his general reputation for truthfulness and honesty among his fellow lawyers, the public and the Judiciary, and his reputation in that area is one of complete and total honesty, along with excellence of character.”

Character Reference from Judge, dated November 11, 2009

“I have known Nick Bajalia all of my life. I have had the privilege of working with him both as opposing counsel and as an attorney appearing before me.  In my twelve years on the bench, I have observed Nick Bajalia’s interaction with his clients, his handling of trial procedures and his responsiveness to the rules of court and the rule of law.  It is my experience that Nick Bajalia consistently acts with the highest degree of professionalism and ethical responsibility.  I routinely rely on his word without reservation.  I regard him as an honest, trustworthy and reliable attorney.  As a judge and member of this community, there has never been any instance, appearance or complaint which has caused me to doubt this impression of Nick.”

Character Reference from Judge, dated November 11, 2009

“I have known Nick Bajalia since he began practicing law in 1979.  During the years that I practiced law and the years I have been a trial judge, I have always known Mr. Bajalia to be an honest and conscientious attorney.  I have found him to be a man of integrity and respect for the law and the Courts.”

Character Reference from Colleague, dated November 11, 2009

“We have handled several divorce cases and criminal cases together, sometimes opposite each other and sometimes as co-counsel.  I can truthfully say that he has one of the finest legal minds in the City of Valdosta, as well as in the State of Georgia. To speak about [Nick] is impossible without speaking about his work ethic.  He is a man who works harder than any human being I know. He works early in the morning until late in the evening, driven toward excellence always.  He works files in such intricate detail and thoroughness that any lawyer would be proud of his work. His reputation in our community is impeccable. Nick has been one of my mentors, both professionally and personally, for the last fifteen years… [He] is a man of his word and, without doubt, I would trust him without hesitation on any matter concerning me, my family, or a client.”

Character Reference from Former State Senator, dated November 11, 2009

“Nick is a person of integrity and a recognized attorney in Valdosta, Georgia. To the best of my knowledge Nick is of good character and reputation.”

Character Reference from Colleague, dated November 11, 2009

“ I have known Nick for over 30 years… During my tenure in Valdosta, I have worked on a number of cases in which Nick was involved, whether as my co-counsel or as my opponent. In addition, I know him personally and know his family.  It has been my pleasure to work with him and I have always known him to be an attorney who cared greatly for his clients and exhibited high moral character.”

Character Reference from Judge, dated November 10, 2009

“…I have known Nick and his family for the great majority of his life, both personally and, since his admission to the bar, professionally.  Nick has always conducted himself in a gentlemanly fashion.  When he appeared before me, he was well prepared and professional in his treatment of parties, witnesses and the Court.  He has never, in the slightest degree, misled me or been less than both candid and truthful…”

Character Reference from Colleague, dated November 10, 2009

“I have known Mr. Bajalia for approximately twenty five (25) years. I am acquainted with his background, work ethic, character and reputation…  In summary assessment of his reputation and character in this community, I state, without reservation, that he is of unimpeachable character. Character and principle, while two separate words with different meanings, converge when I consider how [Nick] conducts his law practice and how he deals with clients… From a professional standpoint, he is unyielding when it comes to being governed by the rules of ethics of the State Bar of Georgia.”

Character Reference from Colleague, dated November 9, 2009

“I first came to know Nick in 1995… I attended his children’s christenings, his daughter’s wedding, and have visited with him and his family at his home.  I have always been a deep admirer of his sense of duty, work ethic and complete immersion in life as a God-fearing husband, father, public servant and lawyer. This opinion, I believe, is universally held by everyone who knows him for his personal and work ethics in Georgia as well as in Florida…Nick has consistently conducted himself with honor and integrity… [Nick is] an extremely intelligent man working tirelessly for this community and the ideals of a “right to a fair trial” that he so highly regarded as the right of every man on the planet…I am blessed to be in the company of such a distinguished individual… He is a good man of high moral character. He is helpful, generous, and committed to his family and the protection of his firm’s integrity to its clients. I am honored to know him and call him a friend.”

Character Reference from Former Judge, dated November 9, 2009

“I have known Mr. Bajalia for approximately thirty years.  He and I are both from Valdosta, Georgia.  For approximately 20 years, during the time of my private law practice, I represented clients in litigation matters when, on occasion, the opposing party was represented by Mr. Bajalia.  More recently, Mr. Bajalia has appeared before me sitting as a trial judge.  Mr. Bajalia always conducts himself in a professional and ethical manner.  He exhibits decorum in and out of court proceedings. In each instance, I have found Mr. Bajalia to be honest and trustworthy. With respect to litigation matters, I am able to rely on his word.”

Character Reference from Pastor Emeritus, dated November 9, 2009

“While living and serving in Valdosta for 29 years, I have known Nick Bajalia for most of those years…  I have been in Nick’s office numerous times trying to help some of my parishioners with good advice. He has visited with me for church several times. We have been together at restaurants and other public places.  I have sat in the court room when he was serving as attorney for some friends. I have never met a more conscientious, honest man of integrity than Nick Bajalia. I have never heard anything against his reputation by anyone in town.  I believe him to be an excellent attorney and a man of sound character.”

Character Reference from Colleague, dated November 6, 2009

“In the fourteen years that I have practiced in Valdosta, Georgia, I have handled cases with Nick as co-counsel and have handled cases where [he] was opposing counsel.  I also know him and his family, both professionally and as acquaintances, in the Valdosta, Georgia area. Nick is an attorney with extremely high moral and ethical values…”

Character Reference from Colleague, dated November 6, 2009

I write this letter as an unequivocal testament to the character and integrity of Nick Bajalia…  Nick Bajalia has been known to me for over 30 years… During that time, I worked with him on a daily basis in the area of civil, criminal, and domestic relations litigation…  I have observed him under stressful and difficult situations. Few will match the hours of intense work that Nick regularly puts in to the representation of his clients…  I [have] handled cases with Nick as co-counsel of clients, counsel for co-defendants, and as opposing counsel….  In all of these circumstances, I have never seen nor heard of any cause to question [Nick’s] integrity, honesty, veracity, or character.  Not only in his handling of client matters, but in all aspects of his life, Nick has been a beacon of integrity. He is one of the few lawyers left that I never worry about confirming discussions in writing. The only accusation (if it may be construed as an accusation), I have ever heard of Nick is that he will work an opponent to a nub.  That is praise to my way of practicing, but I have heard it discussed in a negative manner.  It is not negative to me. Nick’s word is good. If he says it, I accept it as a fact…  He has and always will conduct himself in the most honorable and appropriate manner.”

Character Reference from Colleague, dated November 3, 2009

“I have known Nick Bajalia for almost 40 years…  Nick is one of the most honorable people that I have had the pleasure to deal with both personally and professionally in my lifetime.”

Character Reference from Colleague, dated November, 3 2009

“… I have known Mr. Bajalia very well in a professional capacity since approximately 1979…   Over the 3o years that I have known Mr. Bajalia, I have had numerous opportunities to interact with him professionally.  He and I have represented clients jointly and have had numerous occasions to be opposing counsel on matters in litigation.  I have mediated cases for Mr. Bajalia on a number of occasions. Additionally, when I personally felt like I needed advice from a level head on matters involving legal ethics and good judgment, I have sought Mr. Bajalia’s advice, always with positive results.  I have had occasion to obtain Mr. Bajalia’s opinions on complex situations and factual scenarios, and feel that he has always been fair-minded and ethical in his decision-making processes.”

Character Reference from Colleague, dated October 30, 2009

“… I have been Nick’s opposing counsel in several hundred cases, always when we both served as sole and lead counsel…  In the past thirty (30) years of my law practice, there have been very few periods when I did not have an open file in which he was opposing counsel. Throughout this lengthy period and throughout all these many cases, there has never been any question in my mind as to the honesty, reliability and trustworthiness of Nick Bajalia… I have come to regard Nick’s note taking and documentation skills as exceptional among the attorneys practicing in State Court, and this includes the documentation procedures by members of his staff…  I have come to appreciate the correctness and accuracy of this paperwork, …. and …. his reputation for honesty and integrity…that has built up over the years with our going through these matters. For two attorneys to handle several hundred cases means that they have had thousands of transactions; telephone calls, pretrial conferences, motion hearings, guilty pleas, jury trials and an occasional chance meeting at Wal-Mart.  On looking back over all these thousands of transactions with Nick Bajalia, I cannot think of a single instance where I was left with any negative feeling about his veracity and truthfulness.”