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Defending Your Future Against Criminal Charges

Criminal charges of any size can have a lifetime of complications attached to them. No matter how large or small you may believe your charge is, it is vital that you do everything in your power to protect your rights, freedom and future from a conviction.

At Bajalia Law Firm, P.C., attorney Nick M. Bajalia, Sr. has more than 40 years of experience fighting for clients throughout Georgia and Florida. We can work with you from our office in Valdosta to develop a custom-tailored defense strategy for your criminal defense case.

Building A Defense Against Your Charges

Every case we take, no matter how they may appear initially, is completely unique from any other. Whenever we represent a client in their criminal defense case, we take the time to review the details that make up their individual case and look for grounds to either dismiss, win against or reduce their charges.

In the decades we have been providing our clients with the representation they need, we have helped them overcome charges such as:

While we are developing a strategy you can rely on, there are also measures that you can take to protect yourself.

Four Tips For Protecting Yourself When Accused Of A Crime

Once you have been accused of a crime, every action you take can impact the outcome of your criminal defense case. To help you improve your odds of beating your charges, here are four tips you can follow:

  • Hire a lawyer immediately – The sooner you can follow the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney the more likely you are to avoid critical mistakes in your case.
  • Keep thorough records – Information is valuable while building any defense case. Be sure to secure any necessary information and present it to your attorney.
  • Do not discuss your case without your attorney present – Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, even if you are trying to vent your frustrations, can be enough to convict you. The only person you should speak to about your case is your attorney.
  • Remain calm – Letting your emotions flare inside or outside of a courtroom can cause you to act recklessly and cost you your case. Ensure you keep a level head to protect yourself.

If you are ever uncertain about what to do in your criminal defense case, reach out to our team for guidance you can depend on.

Your Defense Starts Here

Whether you are already facing criminal charges, or think you will be soon, now is the time to reach out to an attorney. Call us at 229-808-8183 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.