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Helping You Obtain Compensation For Defective Product Injuries

Every day, many people are injured by products that are poorly made. Defective product liability cases can arise from poorly made toys, automobiles, automotive parts, boats, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, machines, and more.

In product liability cases, there are several parties that may be responsible for your injuries. It is common for a products liability lawsuit to be brought against the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, and vender. These lawsuits are designed to protect consumers from dangerous products, and to try to make sure that companies only put out safe products for consumers.

Defective Medical Devices

Medical devices, such as pacemakers, implants, syringes, etc., are used by many people, every day. Even the smallest defect in a medical device can lead to devastating injuries or even death.

All new medical devices are supposed to be properly tested before being put out on the market but, unfortunately, many devices receive inadequate testing, and end up causing serious injuries to consumers.

Types of Product Liability Cases

There are a few different legal theories behind product liability lawsuits, and they are: design defect; manufacturing defect; and marketing defect.

The design defect theory provides that the product was created defectively and, because of the defect in the product, even proper use of the product is dangerous.

The manufacturing defect theory provides that there were errors in the manufacturing process, and these errors caused the product to be defective.

The marketing defect theory provides that the warnings on the product, or the labeling on the product, prevented the consumer from realizing the dangers of using the product, ultimately making the product defective.

If you have been injured by a defective product, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.