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Representation For Construction Accident Injuries

Construction sites and other dangerous work sites have the potential to cause serious injuries. There are several individuals that can be sued when an injury or death occurs on the worksite, such as:

  • the property owner
  • employer
  • superintendant
  • manufacturer
  • insurance company
  • and more

These individuals may be responsible for: negligent management; unsafe procedures; explosions or fires; removing or failing to provide safety equipment; inadequate training; and more.

Workers’ compensation claims are often filed after a workplace accident to assist the injured party with his or her initial medical bills and lost income. When an employee sustains serious injuries, it is common for the workers’ compensation benefits to fall short of the total amount of financial assistance that the employee needs to recover from the injury. In these cases, a lawsuit may need to be filed against one or more third parties to adequately compensate the injured party.

If you have been injured on the worksite, you may be entitled to recover for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.