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Helping You Obtain Compensation For Burn Injuries

Burn injuries range in severity from minor (first degree) to most serious (fourth degree). Burn injuries can be the result of serious accidents, or the result of negligent behavior.

Burn injuries occur when the skin is damaged by heat, electricity, chemicals, friction or radiation. In severe cases, a burn can lead to a loss of fluid, which can lead to the depletion of blood volume, shock, and/or dangerously low blood pressure, which can result in death if it is not immediately treated.

If someone else’s negligence has led to a burn injury, the person or entity that acted negligently may be liable for the injuries sustained, and the burn victims may be entitled to receive compensation for the cost of medical treatment, loss of income, and physical, emotional and psychological damage.

Some serious car accidents can lead to burn injuries. If a car accident was the result of a negligent, drunk, or a distracted driver, the victim may be entitled to recover damages from the driver.

Toxic chemicals can quickly burn down to the bone, causing serious injury. In workplaces, such as manufacturing plants, where large amounts of chemicals are normally used, it is common for burn injuries to occur. In these cases, if safety precautions were not taken by the employer or business owner, that employer or business owner may be liable for the injuries sustained by the victim.