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Why are tires so crucial to vehicle safety?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Car Accidents

Buying new tires is expensive, so many people put it off. Yet, failing to replace them will increase the chance of a collision, which could cost far more.

As a motorist, you rely on your tires for several things:

  • To keep you traveling in the direction that you want to go
  • To help you brake rapidly and smoothly when needed
  • To absorb the lumps and bumps in the road and smooth out the ride

Worn or damaged tires will reduce your ability to do any of those things and expose you to a higher risk of a dangerous blowout. It’s similar when tires are set at the wrong pressure.

It starts with regular maintenance

When did you last pull out a tire gauge and check your tire pressure? Professional drivers are expected to do it every day because it is crucial to safety. Also, running your tires at the wrong pressure can increase tire wear and fuel usage, so it is in your best interests to check them regularly.

Used tires might not save you money in the long run

Some people look for used tires because they are cheaper. The problem is you cannot tell the condition of a tire just by looking at it, and used tire sellers can clean and paint them to hide a multitude of sins. What’s more, some types of damage might not even be visible in the first place.

If someone crashes into you, take a look at their tires if you can. Worn or damaged tires are one of those small details that could help you show they were at fault.