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The summer months mean more DUI checkpoints

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Drunk Driving Defense

Alcohol is dangerous for drivers at any time of the day or the year. An after-work stop at happy hour can be as dangerous as a late-night drop-in at the local watering hole. A round of drinks during a family holiday celebration can cause the same amount of impairment as the same amount of alcohol consumed during summer vacation.

However, there are times of the year when the statistical probability of a drunk driving collision goes up, and therefore, law enforcement activity tends to spike during these periods. For example, there are often more officers on the roads and more sobriety checkpoints in effect around major holiday weekends and other large events in Georgia. Motorists can also expect more police officers and sobriety checkpoints during the summer months.

The warmest season sees an uptick in drunk driving

Nationwide, the summer is the most dangerous season for drunk driving crashes. Therefore, there will likely be more driving under the influence (DUI) checkpoints and targeted enforcement efforts occurring on Georgia roads throughout the summer months.

The summer crackdown looking for drunk drivers is a rational response to a public safety concern. Research has shown that DUI checkpoints can reduce impairment-related collisions in an area by as much as 20%, and targeted enforcement efforts can also serve as a deterrent.

What this means for Georgia drivers

Heightened enforcement simply means that there’s a greater chance of a one-on-one traffic stop or of the temporary inconvenience caused by a checkpoint where every motorist must briefly interact with the police officer.

Drivers who recognize that they are more likely to encounter a police officer on their way home might have one less beer before leaving a party or to wait an extra half an hour before leaving trivia night at their favorite sports bar to ensure that they are safe to drive. Drivers who do get pulled over could potentially be at increased risk of arrest, as officers may interpret simple behaviors as signs of intoxication in some cases.

The situation that leads to someone’s arrest can also provide them with the grounds for defending themselves. Being willing to fight back against DUI charges with the assistance of a legal professional can be as important as trying to avoid being arrested in the first place.