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What you still need to know about distracted driving

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Car Accidents

Distracted driving is a preventable and concerning issue on roads, yet it continues to happen with staggering regularity. It occurs when drivers allow things other than driving to claim their attention. These distractions can negatively impact a driver’s ability to operate the vehicle safely.

Distractions can be broadly categorized into three main groups: visual, manual and cognitive. Activities like texting, using a navigation system, eating or engaging in deep conversations with passengers encompass all these forms of distractions.

Spotting distracted drivers

Recognizing the signs of a distracted driver can be crucial for your safety on the road. Erratic behavior such as swerving, inconsistent speeds and delayed reactions to traffic signals are easy-to-spot signs. Being alert to these behaviors can help you maintain a safe distance from potentially distracted drivers.

Avoiding distractions while driving

To safeguard yourself and others, it’s important to minimize your own distractions while driving. Staying off your cellphone and getting the GPS set before you leave can reduce distractions. Be mindful of even small activities, such as looking at billboards or eating something, that can distract you for small periods of time. A five-second distraction can leave your vehicle without a cognizant driver for the length of a football field if you’re moving 55 miles per hour.

Protecting yourself from distracted drivers

Beyond managing your own distractions, there are strategies to protect yourself from others who may not be as conscientious. Give other drivers plenty of space so you can react if they begin to drive erratically. Additionally, being extra cautious at intersections and avoiding the blind spots of other vehicles can reduce your risk of colliding with a distracted driver. Awareness and defensive driving are key to navigating today’s increasingly distracted driving landscape.

Even safe drivers can become victims of distracted driving crashes if other drivers aren’t paying attention. Collision victims may need medical care for their injuries. They may opt to seek compensation for the financial damages of the wreck. Legal assistance can help to enhance the likelihood of a successful claim.