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3 kinds of unsafe driving that have increased in recent years

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2024 | Car Accidents

Some motor vehicle collisions are truly accidents. They involve unpredictable circumstances that are outside of the control of the motorists involved. A sinkhole opening up in the street or a bird suddenly falling from the sky and striking someone’s windshield are examples of scenarios that people could not reasonably predict or prevent.

Many other traffic collisions are the result of poor choices and unsafe practices. Many drivers do not consistently follow traffic rules or may engage in conduct that people readily acknowledge as unsafe. In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in crashes associated with high-risk driving conduct. The three behaviors below, in particular, have been on the rise in recent years.

Distracted driving

People have become acclimated to a sense of constant contact with others. It is now common practice for people to expect an immediate response to a text message or email, even when individuals are on their way to work. Quite a few people engage in digital distractions while driving including texting, emailing and posting to social media. The increase in distracted driving has seen an increase in preventable collisions, including deadly pedestrian crashes.

Excessive speeding

It is quite common for motorists to slightly exceed the posted speed limit. Some drivers don’t just travel slightly over the speed limit. They may exceed the posted limit by 10 miles per hour or more. Excessive speeding increases stopping distances and the likelihood of someone losing control in traffic. Speeding is a major safety concern that contributes to thousands of preventable collisions every year.

Running red lights

Stopping at an intersection can feel like a frustrating inconvenience, especially if someone does not notice any other vehicles nearby in traffic. Unfortunately, some people respond to red lights and four-way stops by rolling through an intersection instead of coming to a complete stop the way that they should. Drivers who don’t stop at red lights and at intersections with four-way stops may have failed to notice someone else approaching the intersection. Serious crashes can occur when people do not follow the right procedures at stop lights and intersections.

Those involved in preventable motor vehicle collisions may need to file insurance claims or even personal injury lawsuits. Avoiding high-risk behavior can help people minimize their risk of being involved – and being held responsible for – a severe collision.