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If you must deal with auto insurers, make sure to do it right

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | Car Accidents

You probably feel secure in the belief that the auto insurers involved in your car accident will give you fair compensation. Unfortunately, you cannot count on insurance companies to do the right thing even when victims suffer severe injuries.

As for-profit businesses, auto insurers place their own financial interests above other matters when possible. That means they are always looking for ways to devalue accident claims. Do not give them any ammunition by inadvertently saying the wrong thing during your communications.

Don’t even hint at an apology

A common urge after a crash is to say, “I’m sorry this happened.” A savvy adjuster can use statements like these against you by claiming you are admitting fault. Under Georgia law, you must be less at fault than the other involved motorist to recover compensation. As such, it’s best to avoid all apologies when speaking with the other driver and insurance companies.

Politely decline statement requests

If an insurance representative asks you to provide a written statement or make a recorded one, it serves your interests to refuse politely. Again, insurers are adept at using the words of accident victims against them. Saying as little as possible and declining formal statements will not give them much of anything to work with.

Document your communications

With permission from the other party, consider recording your conversations with insurance representatives. An audio record can provide a solid accounting of what was actually said during discussions and might prevent insurers from devaluing your claim. If you cannot record it, write down as many details as possible.

These tips and a good understanding of Georgia car accident and injury laws can go a long way in protecting your rights and your compensation.